What A Fantastic Year!

I’m in a happy moody today (I am usually in a happy mood in all honesty)
Thursday we celebrated with our Christmas party.
It’s only the second year I’ve done this so it’s one of the only times my clients and I have seen each other without workout clothes!
Was a great night
I handed out a couple of awards that night to some of the best achievers of the year.
Donna got the top award CLIENT OF THE YEAR
Her progress and attitude this year has been exceptional. Hardly ever misses a session and has dramatically changed her health and fitness this year.
Lynda has had this one, gone from a very inactive lifestyle to incorporating regular exercise, healthy eating and an all round healthier life. Life changing stuff, a good amount of weight loss to go with it too.

These results are just a select few from a great year of training.
There’s so many I could mention for their achievements on top of this.
Anyway I’m going to head down to the gym and see some of these superstars for another good day of training.
If you want to join the team and see results like these above then fill  out this form:
Maybe next year you’ll be my client of the year!
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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