What Do You Eat? (My Diet Plan)

This is a question I get asked quite a lot.
‘So what do you eat?’
Right then, my eating does change on a day-day basis, I like to keep it varied as you should but here’s an average eating plan for a day or two for me:
I usually train in the mornings so in most instances I have my breakfast a bit later after training
Boiled eggs with spinach and usually meat (bacon/turkey) other mornings I have Greek yoghurt with fruit and or nuts
Salad, I do have a salad every day in the week but again it’s different every time. Usually have a big mix of spinach, rocket, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, celery, peppers and then mix up my protein between eggs, meat, fish and often add nuts, seeds and sometimes a bit of cheese
Dinner in our house could be fish cakes and veg, stir fry, curry, chilli, paella. Plenty of variety and always packed with veg.
Fruit, nuts, dark chocolate (great after dinner as I have a sweet tooth), peanut butter, crudites
So how does this help you?
In all honesty it may not.
I’m a different age, I train nearly every day and often for longer distance events so my nutritional needs are likely different to yours.
My aim is to maintain weight/put on a little bit – yours may be to lose weight.
But hopefully you can see and what you can hopefully replicate is the quality of food.
There is very little processed food in there.
5 fruit and veg a day is usually done easily by lunch.
Plenty of variety too – I really enjoy my food and you should too.
Pick good foods, cook them well and savour them.
You may think I’m mad but you’ll get much more satisfaction all round from cooking a great meal like fresh salmon with steamed veg and a jacket potato than a greasy take away pizza.
Try it!
Have a nice healthy weekend,
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