What I Have Against Diets

Here we go again!
I hate short term unsustainable diets.
In most cases they’re a waste of time.
I was training not so long ago with a client, she’s been doing great with her exercise but like most people has found sticking to the nutritional side of things a bit more difficult. She’s going away in a couple of weeks so understandably wants to be looking in the best possible shape.
So a friend has recommended a diet for her to give a go.
The diet means that’s all she can eat is meat, fish, eggs, onion, a little bit of yoghurt and .. ye that’s it.
In training she could only do half of the session because she felt dizzy and light headed and compared to the training we have been doing recently it was one of the easier sessions.
I know full well that we over rely and over consume carbohydrates but it is still an important food source and an extremely important source of energy. The diet has cut out wheat and gluten which is great, no bread, pasta, cereal and things like that but I think my client struggled this morning due to the fact she had gone from eating all of those things to cutting them out immediately and then attempting to still function at her normal level.
In this diets defence after 10 days it introduces fruits and vegetables so it is like a paleo diet basically which is good and I would recommend. So there are a lot worse fad diets out there.
But I have no doubt that my client felt dizzy and light headed because of this extreme diet she has been on, what good is weight loss when you’re stuck in bed all day because you’ve got no energy to get up and do anything?
A good diet should be a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, completely cut one of these out and you’ve left a void.
I’m not blaming the people who try these diets, they’re just trying to do what is right and shift a few pounds.
I blame magazines, TV, the media and authors of these quick diets. I also blame companies like ‘erbalife and ‘Juice+ for getting people to sell their products to get people to lose weight when most of the people selling them can’t even lose weight themselves or know much about nutrition either.
The best diet is one which doesn’t feel like hard work.
Here’s a normal days healthy eating:
Breakfast – Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, berries and nuts
Lunch – Chicken with a big green salad
Dinner – Steak, sweet potato mash, onion and mixed veg

It’s not too extreme or difficult is it?
If most people stuck to a similar eating plan of just concentrating on natural healthy foods they would get to their ideal shape and maintain it. Yes it’s going to take a lot longer to lose weight than these stupid diets but at least it’ll stay off if you stick to it, you’ll have energy and you can enjoy your food.
I don’t know about you but I’d rather take a few months eating healthily and getting closer to my target weight and then maintain it forever than be skinny for 1/4 of the year and fat and unhappy for 3/4s!
If you’re going round in circles trying to crack this healthy eating stuff then why not let me help you like I’m helping many people in the Llanelli area look and feel their best. It’s nowhere near as big and scary as you think, you’ve just got to make the first step. You can start with just nutrition or nutrition and exercise together. Here’s the form: https://bit.ly/2Jl4Kvb
Jamie ‘Eat Natural’ Stedman
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