What Makes Us Different?

I got asked this week ‘What makes your fitness business different to a normal gym?’
A good question I thought.
I’m a big fan of gyms, I think in terms of value for money it’s one of the best deals out there. For what you can get for £30-40 is amazing – if you use it that is.
If you aren’t using it then no matter how much it is it is offering you no value.
I’ve met a lot of people who don’t mind paying every month because it’s there when they need it.
Maybe next week they’ll go, or maybe the week after…
I know someone who paid for a full year and didn’t go once!
So what makes our training facility different, how about 10 things:
1. It’s Personal – You get to know me and the other trainers and we build a relationship.
2. You Get Chased – I don’t run after you but if you miss a session I’ll check in to see if everything is okay.
3. It’s Individualised – We offer 1-1 sessions where you program is unique to you or in the small group setting you will be grouped with people of different abilities and goals.
4. It’s Time Effective – Sessions are 45 mins and we try to get the most out of every minute so you can go home back to your family and friends.
5. We Measure – Weight, body fat, circumferences, habit coaching and food diaries. We look into all things health.
6. It’s Fun – You’re guaranteed to smile or maybe even laugh each session.
7. It’s Social – As the groups are small you get to know each other, many of my clients who have met through training meet up regularly outside training.
8. It’s Private – No mirrors on every wall, it’s small, personal and judge free.
9. You’re Guided – If things aren’t going well then I’ll tweak it, we will work on many things beyond just exercise to get the best out of you.
10. It’s Life Changing (if you let it be)
If that’s inspired you to want to work with me and the team then you just have to fill in this little form: https://bit.ly/2Jl4Kvb
Have a good day,
Jamie Stedman


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