What’s The Plan This Bank Holiday?

Happy Friday, today is going to be a Good one!
I used to work bank holidays like a normal day but this year I’ve decided not to, I need to give myself a few days off every now and then to recharge the batteries and keep me nice and focused.
I’m up in London now for a nice couple of days before heading home for Easter Sunday. I’m moving house next week so a few days off is much needed before that!
What’s everyone’s plan for the bank holiday?
I used to go out more or less every bank holiday Sunday without fail!
It would usually involve starting drinking from about midday (often I would have gone out the night before too!) and staying out until about 3-4am!
I would then be a right off for the Monday and waste my day off and it would take me a few days to get back to normal, eating and training usually wouldn’t be right until later in the week or sometimes the week after!
Plus I would have spent £150+ usually! Literally pissing money away.
Every once in a while this is okay but with loads of bank holidays coming up this is the season for many people to completely go off track with their diet and training! 
What I recommend is you have an awesome Easter weekend, spent it doing fun things with friends and families but if you can try not to overdo it on the alcohol and junk food if you want to stay on track.
If you know you are drinking and eating off track just try and find a few minutes for a light exercise session and make sure you drinking plenty of water!
Also if you wanted to put your £150+ you’d often spend on a bank holiday weekend to better use then my plans start from as little as £85 for one-one training, £25 for the slimming club or for buddy training (pairs) £40 a month.
Anyway I’m off to be touristy!
Have an eggcellent Easter (boiled or scrambled of course ;-))
Jamie Stedman


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