Where Do You Spend Most Of Your Time?

Hey there,
It’s fair to say that more people are exercising than ever before.
Majority of people have some form of gym/sports membership.
Thousands and thousands of people across the UK are swimming, running and cycling every week.
It’s fantastic!
But we still have a major obesity problem which doesn’t quite add up.
I believe one of the biggest contributing factors to this is how we spend most of our day.
I’m sat in my office writing this email, where are you reading this?
In bed?
On transport?
At the desk?
Sat on the sofa?
The problem is even if you workout 4-5 times a week but you’re sedentary for the rest of it you’ll still get problems.
Say you worked a 9-5 office job and you are well behaved and get your 8 hours of sleep a night then that’s 16 hours (give or take walking around a bit at work) sat down/lying down!
That’s two thirds of your day without taking into account commute to work, sitting down for breakfast and dinner plus TV time in the night.
It’s staggering really!
Some people probably easy spend 20+ hours a day on their ass!
The human body is an amazing thing, it can run marathons, climb a tree, jump onto a box as tall as itself. It’s not designed to be sat down all the time, but it will adapt to that being the norm if that’s all it’s asked to do.
Your muscles will change, your metabolism will slow and your body will get bigger and less efficient.
Mobility will be reduced, it’s also harder to build all important muscle, plus due to other factors you will increase your chances of getting serious health problems.
Tips to reduce your sitting time:
– Get a smart watch (some vibrate when you’ve been sat down too long)
– Aim for 10,000 steps a day
– Get a stand up desk
– Go for a walk lunchtime
– Walk to and from work if possible
– Park further away from your destination
Just a few things to try.
There really is much worse problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle than just putting on weight.
To join my mini army of people saying no to a sedentary lifestyle then fill out this quick form and I’ll send you all the details: https://bit.ly/2Jl4Kvb
Get moving!
Jamie Stedman
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