Who Would Win In A Fight: Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

Since beginning my work as a trainer, the most common answer I get when asking new clients what their goals are say ‘lose weight.’
Weight loss is the main reason why people exercise and eat well.
So is weight loss the same as fat loss? Is there a difference?
Well the difference is massive actually.
Someone who has lost 5kg of fat compared to 5kg of weight will have massively different results. Most people who say they want to lose weight probably do mean fat when they think about it.
People UNFORTUNATELY normally judge their success by what it says on the scales, so they think if the scales make better reading then they will look a lot better, not necessarily so.
This is the reason that so many people (especially women) go on these crazy ass diets that promise you will lose 10 pounds in 10 days for example, people become obsessed with what the scales say. Some people will even weigh every morning and night! Madness in my opinion.
In order to make long term sustainable changes then you have to be patient.
Obesity levels are through the roof which shows that either people don’t want to get healthier, don’t know how to get healthier or just haven’t got the patience to commit to making positive changes.
Weight loss is much more straight forward than fat loss. If one of my clients lost 10 pounds in a week I would be pretty shocked and a bit worried yet this is what happens with these highly restricted diets, the best way to lose weight is gradually 1-2 pounds a week like I teach on my plans.
As well as loose looking arms and legs another problem with this dieting approach due to muscle loss is if you returned to your old ways (which always happens with these unsustainable diets) the weight would come straight back on, this time with extra body fat though! And so the yo yo dieting cycle begins.
So to summarise how losing fat compared to losing weight would affect our body:
– Losing fat would help to boost our metabolism and protect our muscles. Losing weight would mean you lose mostly muscle.
– Losing a lot of weight can leave you feeling weak and unwell where as losing fat makes you feel healthier and energised.
– You can lose weight without exercising; you will need to exercise to lose fat.
– Fat takes up a lot more space than muscle so by losing fat you will take more inches off your body.
– Muscle is firm, fat jiggles. Losing the fat will give you the best body you can hope for. Losing weight will only make good reading on the sad step, I mean weighing scales.

The best way to drop fat, that’s what I teach on my plans.
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Fight the fat,
Jamie Stedman
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