Why I’m Different (Rant About The Fitness Industry)

I like to think that I try to help you with my emails.
I try to expand your knowledge on all things health and fitness, which hopefully helps you get a little bit closer to that kick ass body you desire!
I don’t just sell, sell, sell with my emails like some people/companies do.
(You know what’s coming)
Yep, today I’m selling myself!
I’ve been working as a personal trainer for the past 4 years.
There’s been ups, there’s been downs but I love what I do.
If I didn’t then I’d have packed it in a long time ago and got a job where I didn’t have to worry about where the next pay cheque is coming from.
I’ve seen so many people trainers come and go in the fitness industry already in my fairly short time in it.
Many of the pts I see today are in a lot better shape than me (visually ?), they’ve had a few compliments at the gym and handed out some words of wisdom on how they got into that shape and next thing they’re a PT!
Did you know you can get qualified as a pt with no previous fitness experience in about 6 weeks?!?!
I spent 5 years in college and university studying sport and exercise science as well as doing those qualifications I just mentioned.
That’s why I’m different and that’s why I’m going to be sticking around in this industry for many years to come.
– I understand that not everyone wants to train like me.
– I understand that most people can’t train like me.
– I understand that sometimes a 5 minute chat at the end of the session is what people need to improve their results rather than an extra set of burpees.
– I understand that making someone sick during a training session is a failure on my part and not a success to brag about on facebook.
– I understand that people don’t want to count calories or eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice for the rest of their life.
– I understand that weight loss if f*****g difficult sometimes and there’s more to it than moving around a bit more and creating a calorie deficit.
– I understand how hard it is for people to make that first step and admitting they need a bit of help with their weight and exercise program.
– I understand how daunting a gym can be which is why I work at my private fitness studio.
– I understand that you don’t need to wear a vest, get loads of tattoos, wear a baseball cap backwards or add everyone in the area on facebook to get clients.
– I understand how to keep clients.
That’s why I like to think I’m a little bit different.
If you want to learn a bit more about me or even start working with me then click the following link

I’m pleased to say the doors are back open and I’m taking on clients again. One lady has already secured her place earlier this week.

Take care,
Jamie Stedman
PS I’m not slagging off the whole fitness industry or local pts, there’s some awesome pts around but there’s also some not so good ones so today was just something to make you think about who you want to invest your cash with.
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