Why My Slimmers Are The Best Slimmers

After this week all of the people I work with on a weekly basis are successfully accounted for after Christmas.
Some returned Jan 2nd others stayed and played a little longer.
I must admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
I’m always a little nervous this side of Christmas to see what damage has been done in terms of weight gain.
I think out of everyone I work with the most has been a few lbs, not too bad at all and easy to shift.
Is that because my clients didn’t treat themselves over Christmas?
Absolutely not, yes they didn’t go mental but it is because they’re HEALTHY
A healthy body gains weight slower than an unhealthy body (it also loses it quicker than an unhealthy body).
We don’t just chase weight loss here, we focus on health of which weight loss is a by product.
This means that we aren’t anywhere near the ‘on a diet/off a diet’ yo yo approach.
– We have consistency with our eating
– We have structure to our meals
– We have variety in our training
– We have variety with our meals
This means there is room on the weekends for treats and it doesn’t hit us hard on our results.
It means that clients can have a toblerone, bottle of prosecco and a cheese board at Christmas and not have to worry about putting half a stone on.
This applies to both my one-one and small group members as well as the slimming club run every Wednesday at 6:30pm in Bynea. It’s £25 a month and we are on a push for new members, it’s an alternate approach to weight watchers and slimming world and it really really works.
Fill out this form an you can come and try a class to see if you like it:
Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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