Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

Here we go again.

Another quick and hopefully helpful article coming your way.

Today I’m talking about what may be stopping you from losing the weight you work hard to try and shift.

It may be your LIVER.

Suprised? Probably not something you would associate with fat loss.

A poor functioning liver makes fat loss extremely difficult.

What causes your liver to not function well?


Once your liver has been cleansed from these harmful and unhealthy toxins it can become the prime fat burning and detoxification organ. What the toxins do is clog it up and slow it down, making it difficult to burn fat as well as increasing your fat levels especially around the belly.

The liver acts as a filter to remove toxins. Toxins such as alcohol, medication and the horrible chemicals in processed foods, amongst other things.

It also aids the digestion process by producing bile to help breakdown and absorb fats. Along with this is helps to regulate glucose levels, blood sugar, insulin, blood pressure, estrogen and testosterone plus blood cholesterol production and removal. Very important functions, a poor functioning liver will not be able to do all of these jobs as efficiently so you can see why the liver is so important at determining whether you will lose weight.

Reducing your calories and exercising more is not the answer if your liver is causing you problems. Weight loss can be near impossible if you don’t DETOX your liver.

Side note. Before you make any big changed to your diet/lifestyle it’s best to check with your doctor.

So from my previous articles hopefully you’ve picked up a bit of info and knowledge about why and how to detox. If I said everything then this wouldn’t be a short article which I promised.

So a quick summary on how to cleanse your liver through detox:

1. Stop smoking, drinking and taking unnecessary medications.

2. Improve your diet and cut out things such as caffeine, salt, carbonated drinks, processed foods and severely cut down on sugars and carbohydrates (other than fruit and small amounts of rice and potatoes).

3. Drink plenty of water alongside the clean natural foods you’re eating (organic if possible).

This isn’t too different to what you should be doing anyway, obviously most people don’t do this considering the obesity and poor health levels in the UK.

So if you think maybe your liver is preventing you losing weight then follow those 3 steps strictly for anywhere between 3-28 days and see how you get on.

After you’ve detoxed don’t return to consuming all of the bad things you’ve cut out. Slowly reintroduce some of them as occasional treats.

It’s your body and health you’re talking about so there’s got to be a little sacrifice.

Jamie ‘Cleanse The Liver’ Stedman

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