You’re Fired

Wednesday brought the return of The Apprentice with Lord Sugar in to our screens.
I don’t watch much on Tv but the last few years I’ve watched the apprentice, another good thing is when it finishes it’s nearly Christmas 🙂
If you haven’t seen it, a group of young ambitious and egotistical entrepreneurs compete in challenges against each other in a bid to not get fired and be the last man standing and win the opportunity to work with Alan Sugar on their own business.
It’s good entertainment to see the often cocky people torn to shreds in the boardroom at the end by Lord Sugar – each week one of the contestant gets the famous finger pointed at him with the words ‘You’re Fired’ and they are often never to be seen again.
One thing which is a common trait among all of the contestants is ambition.
They are all absolutely dead set on ‘making it’ for different reasons.
They have a drive and determination which means that they will most likely succeed in their endeavors.
There in most cases seems to be two types of people in the world, the ones just mentioned and then the coasters.
The ones who stay in their comfort zone, just do enough to get by day by day, week by week.
Which one are you?
Some people are happy to coast, average job, average body, just enough money to pay the bills, half committing to things and giving up.
Is that enough for you?
I know it’s not for me or any of my clients.
If you want to aim higher with your life then one of the first things you need to do is address yourself, get healthy, get fit and then you’re primed to succeed in every other aspect of your life.
That I can help you with. For the whole of October I’m offering a FREE STRATEGY session(phone/skype) to help you formulate a plan to reach your goals. You just need to fill out this form and request a strategy session:
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman


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