10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Quick fire email.
How many of these are you guilty of?
All 10 of these if done too often can stop you from losing weight.
1. Over Treating – Not every workout or task deserves a treat. If you’ve walked half an hour you don’t need a dessert as a reward for it!
2. Not Sleeping Enough
3. Drinking Sugary/Fizzy Drinks
4. Overeating – Watch your portion sizes
5. Skipping Meals – Unstructured eating can cause you to overeat at other times in the day
6. Not Drinking Enough Water
7. Your Body – Not your fault, but certain things going on in the body can cause problems with weight loss e.g. thyroid problems
8. Your Diet Is Boring & Restricted
9. Not Exercising Enough
10. Not Varying Your Exercise Routine
So something to think about!
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Have a good one,
Jamie Stedman
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