Are We Being Lied To? (YES!!)


It’s 6am and I’m en route to Gatwick airport for my flight to Amsterdam.

Marathon number 2 awaits! Pretty nervous but also excited. Wednesday I shall let you know how I got on!

Just wanted to quickly point you in the direction of a show on BBC last week, I know a few of you would have watched it.

It’s called Fat VS Carbs and follows Jamie Owen ditching his usual habits and going completely against government nutrition advice by following a high fat, low carb diet.

A ludicrous and dangerous experiment according to government ‘experts’! I’m so happy that shows like this are starting to come out and people are very slowly beginning to question if we are being lied to about the things we are told to eat.

The eating plans I advise to clients aren’t too dissimilar to this diet Jamie tried, we restrict carbs (despite what we are told to do) and have plenty of healthy fats and protein and it gets results.

Tracey from slimming lost 9lbs in one week on it!

This is definitely worth a watch and it’s only 30 mins long.

Please let me know what you think.

Here it is:

Okay time to go! Wish me luck.

Jamie Stedman

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Jamie Stedman


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