Are We Following The Right Advice?


Jamie here with your latest dose of advice to make your life that little bit healthier!

I’ve recently been on a nutrition course in work, it was a 3 day course with an extra day coming up to allow us to teach what we have learnt in the community to help people improve their diet.


There was a lot of things on the course which made sense, but there was also a lot which didn’t.

You see, I love nutrition.

I love looking into all of the different foods and the effects that it has on the body.

Things have changed in the nutrition world.

Fats no longer scare us (or they shouldn’t at least)

We like protein

And we know that over consuming on carbohydrates cause us to get fat.

That’s what I teach my clients.

This course was very much in following with government nutritional guidelines.

We were told we should be following the Eat Well Guide (adapted from the Eat well plate and the food pyramid).

To summarise the Eat ‘Well’ Guide:

  • Fruit & Vegetables – 5+ portions a day. Yep that’s good! But no mention of what types to go for. Low GI/High GI, these will have a big effect on weight management.
  • Protein (fish, eggs, meat, poultry) – 2 portions a day, no more, no less…? Okay then…
  • Dairy – 3 portions a day. I can live with that, you don’t want to overconsume on these if you’re trying to lose weigh as they are high in fat and calories. Although I mentioned we like fats now you still need to watch your intake.
  • Oils & Spreads – They choose unsaturated fats, and they don’t like coconut oil 🙁 this is due to it’s saturated fat content. Again the new movement suggests that we don’t need to be scared of saturated fats.
  • Starchy Carbohydrates – 5-14 portions a day! If my client came to me with their food diary and it contained 14 portions of carbohydrates, plus 5 bananas (also carbs) then I wouldn’t be overly impressed. Yet that is still ‘allowed’ according to this guide. I would be very surprised if they hadn’t put weight on, it would definitely make weight loss difficult.

For your sedentary person who knows nothing about nutrition other than how to eat would benefit greatly from this plan, so I don’t want to bad mouth it too much.

But for the people who want a bit more (fitness, health, weight loss) then this guide wouldn’t suit you so well.

It could work to a degree but are you really going to get your dream body by swapping pepsi for pepsi max, mayo for light mayo? I really don’t think so.

If you want a nutritious, well planned out meal plan all done for you, incorporating the right quantities of fats, protein and carbohydrates all set out for you then look no further than my online plan. It costs just over £1 a day.

More details here:

90 Day Plan

Take ownership of your health and lose some weight in the process.

I guarantee you’ll feel better for it!

Also you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to spend hours a week exercising on this plan to succeed!

Catch you soon,


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