Are You Strong Enough?

Hey there!
Hope you are all doing good, it’s Friday so it’s nearly the weekend!!
What are you lot up to? The last weekend before December hits and it’s all go!
It’s my friends birthday so I’m driving up to Guildford tomorrow afternoon after work for a bit of a party which should be good fun.
Thought I’d share a little wisdom though beforehand.
It’s all about Peer Pressure and the ability to say no.
It seems that for many of my clients (and myself sometimes) they eat really well until…
– Their friend in work asked them if they wanted a biscuit
– Their partner brought home some cake
– Their mates asked them if they wanted a drink
– Their brother fancied a curry
– December started!
I’m not telling you to say no to everything but if you are serious about getting to where you want to be and getting the body you want you need to be stronger.
You do need to learn how to say no.
I’m sure no one is ramming cake down your throat (I hope not anyway)
Allow yourself some treats but control it.
I’ll have a few drinks this weekend and a couple of meals off plan so I’ve eaten really good this week leading up to it and I’ll do a little bit of fasting in the mornings this weekend and the start of next to maintain control.
This should hopefully mean I’ll wake up Monday morning still feeling good and not bloated and sluggish.
Once good tip I recommend with my clients is to look at habits and triggers.
Trigger = waking up – habit = brushing teeth
Trigger = getting to work – habit = having a cup of coffee
How can you use this? Look at when your bad habits are e.g. eating a biscuit, look at the triggers – when you come home from work, straight after lunch and have a little think about what you could eat/do instead. Some of these habits are so ingrained that it may take longer to change than others but give it a go.
Have a good weekend!
PS If you want me to help you (like I have many others) fix some of your bad habits then what are you waiting for. You can start straight away. Get in touch for more details.


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