Why Train The Same As Everyone Else?

Have you ever hit a plateau with your training? You know when you stop seeing results (fat loss, muscle gain, fitness improvments etc.), I have and I’m definitely not the only one. One of the most common reasons for getting stuck in this rut is because people do the same thing in training all the […]

Time To Bust Open Some Exercise Myths

How many of you have found yourselves confused when it comes to exercise? Whether it’s how many reps you need to do to build muscle or how long you need to run for to burn fat. I admit it is confusing! In the world we live in today information is everywhere if you want to […]

Cardio Or Weights First?

This is a question I get asked a lot. There is no definitive answer as it depends on your goal. But in my opinion (and many others) it is definitely better to perform cardio after weights if you train both sides on one day. In an ideal world it would be better to do cardio […]