2019’s Biggest Success Story So Far

2019 has been a good year in and out of work for me. I’m one of the lucky ones as I can say I genuinely do enjoy my life, I always have things to look forward to while hopefully not spending my life counting down to things. One big reason why I enjoy my life […]

It Has Totally Changed My Life For The Better

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of my superstar clients Cath. So I’ve got some words from the lady herself in today’s post just to share a bit more about her journey in 2019: I joined Jamie initially to help me regain some strength, and a level of fitness that would enable me to regain […]

Maybe It’s Time For A New Approach?

A positive subject subject today. I hope my posts aren’t too negative but a lot of them can be a bit like ‘Don’t do this’, ‘Don’t eat that’. ‘Never eat that’. Sooooo Today I just wanted to talk about my favourite thing (exercise) and why exercise is so fantastic. If you were told there was a […]