December Damage Limitation Tips

December is in full flow. 

Xmas songs on the radio, crazy shoppers, cold weather and everything else Christmas has to bring.

Definitely my favourite time of year, I love it.

Everyone currently reading this is doing so because they want to lose weight/interested in fitness/health which means you know that the holiday period can lead to lack of exercise and over indulgence on food.

I’m not here to tell anyone to not let Xmas affect your exercise routine or to keep up a crazy diet through xmas week.

I just want to share a few tips which will lessen the damage caused at this time of year to your wasitline without sacrificing your enjoyment levels 🙂 

I read yesterday that many people consume 7000 calories on Christmas day alone! That’s about 3 days worth of food. I can think of a few Xmas’s when I’ve probably hit that level come to think about it.

It’s true most people’s diets go out the window at this time of year; Christmas Dos/Parties, boxes of sweets and chocolates and all of the other things that come with Christmas but also the onset of winter and the cold weather does play a major part. 

I don’t want to keep you too long today as I know you have plenty more preparation to do to get ready for Xmas so here are my damage limitation tips to help you in the build up through to Christmas to stop you from curling up on the sofa snacking for a week:

1. Exercise – I’m not asking anyone to exercise on Christmas day but don’t give up your exercise routine altogether in the week or 2 before Christmas. I’ve already started to notice the gyms getting quieter and quieter as we get closer to the big day. If you’ve overeaten or drunk then there is nothing quite like a short exercise session to get a sweat going, release some endorphins and get everything moving. Time is an issue around Xmas so just try some high intensity interval sprints on the treadmill/outdoors or some 15 minute home workouts containing exercises such as squats, shoulder press, press ups, burpees and planks. 

2. Supplements – Ditch the protein shakes and creatine and concentrate on your health. Supplements promoting gut health and things like vitamin C, Zinc, multivitamins and fish oils you should take. These are all going to together help ward off flu symptoms, improve digestion, boost the immune system and keep you feeling good through the holiday period. Really though you should be taking a lot of these supplements all year round. 

3. Fasting – If you’ve been on a night out or had a massive meal don’t be afraid to skip breakfast the next morning. This will one help you to cut down your calorie intake but also give your body a bit more of a chance to digest the big meal the night before. Also in preparation to a big meal in the evening have a light lunch/skip lunch. 

4. Fruit & Veg – Xmas comes with alcohol, crisps, sweets, chocolate, pigs in blankets, mince pies and loads more unhealthy snacks. Getting some goodness from fruit and vegetables will aid digestion and provide your body with some much needed goodness and energy. Try a veggie smoothie the morning after a big night and see how you get on with that. 

5. Water – Last but not least is water. With all of the carbs you are consuming your body is going to need some extra water to aid with digestion and how it will process the foods. This will also help to reduce feelings of bloatedness so you won’t be feeling like a beached whale come boxing day!

Sticking to these tips will greatly help to counteract all of the fun things you are going to get up to this Christmas so you don’t have to worry too much about everything. 

But the most important thing in all of this is…

ENJOYMENT. Spend as much time with your friends and family as possible and have a bloody great Christmas!!

Jamie ‘Feeling Festive’ Stedman

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