Do You Feel Tight All The Time?


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Do you feel tight and stiff all the time?

Do you suffer from muscular pain when:
You sit for too long
Reaching for something high
Getting out of a chair
If you do then don’t let it get worse.

You’re probably in need of a good sports massage!

Sports massage leads to:

•Reduced muscle tension and resulting pain
•Improved flexibility through stretching, breaking down scar tissue and promoting circulation of blood and lymph, providing your muscles and soft tissues with optimum amount of nutrition
•Improving posture
•Promote overall muscle balance
•Enable you to recover more rapidly from injury
•Reduce the likelihood of further injury by increasing flexibility to tight muscles or tendons that might otherwise tend to tear or pull
•Effectively reduce adhesions and some degree of scar tissue formation in your soft tissues, allowing for restoration of your muscle integrity and full range of motion

If that sounds good to you then you’re in luck for two reasons:

1. I’m a trained sports massage therapists


2. I have a deal going on this July for £5 off your treatment

If you want to book in or find out more head over to:

Or give me a call/email,

Jamie Stedman


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