Even Clothes Shopping Is Fun Now!

Here’s another superstar client story from the archives for you today.
This lady Donna has been one of the most important client’s I have been lucky enough to work with.
She actually won Client of the Year in 2018! She’s a little celeb in our circle.
She’s living proof of how by putting yourself first for once you can change your life for the better and for those around you.
Here is her story in her own words:
I have been training with Jamie for 16 months now.
The sessions are varied with funny chats, and makes exercise enjoyable. No judgements and excellent guidance.
I have tried several gyms and various half-hearted efforts to get fit. I would admit that I found exercise extremely boring. 
Finding myself in constant severe knee pain, gaining weight and feeling generally fed up of low energy levels was not the way I wanted my 50’s to be going. 
When feeling so low, I dug deep to find some courage to start training with Jamie. At first I did not tell anyone. I think it was the fear of failing but with Jamie’s encouragement I found it all helping. This decision to start improving my physical fitness has had a significant impact on all areas of my life. 
For example: Recently, I got up Pen-Y-Fan with absolutely no pain and losing 35 pounds in weight really does help with challenges. 
Being out of pain is everything and this has given me a sense of immense gratitude and appreciation that I can now move my body. 
Jamie’s individual guidance and commitment to all his clients is exceptional and I would highly recommend taking that step forward. If Jamie can help me to find joy in exercise, he can help anyone.  
PS Not the most important thing in life, but clothes shopping is much more fun.
What would results like that do for your life?
It is possible and here’s how you do it: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/packages/
Have a great weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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