Freezing My T**S Off

That’s how I felt after a week in Tenerife and returning to good old Llanelli.
Just a little bit cold!!
I’m a warm weather kinda guy, I wear shorts 9-10 months of the year and that’s how I like it but since I’ve come back I’m back wearing trousers unfortunately – I look strange!
When it’s cold outside (must admit it’s probably not even that cold yet) is when a lot of people start to swap the fitness for the fireplace, the crunches for the cookies and the spin bike for the sofa.
It’s dark really early, it’s easy to feel a little miserable.
Sure, I’d like to be snuggled up on the sofa in the warm rather than running outdoors some of the time but I know which option will make me feel better and be better in the long term.
If you completely move away from your usual fitness routine and your diet goes out the window before you know it you can put on a stone or even two!
I’ve already seen gym attendances drop quite a lot the last few weeks so some people are doing exactly that!
The lack of sunlight and vitamin D causes a big effect.
I can’t do much about the lack of sunlight but I can give you some tips to help beat the winter blues this year!
Don’t hibernate through until Spring!
Supplement with Vitamin D
Exercise – once you get going you’ll feel great. I love going for a nice run on a crisp morning as long as I’m dressed appropriately
•Do fun Festive stuff with the family
Get outdoors, wrap up warm and go for a nice scenic walk. You’ll feel better for it, we’re so blessed in Wales with scenery, make the most of it.
Get loads of goodness in your diet. Pile up the veg. Can’t beat a big veggie soup in the winter to warm you up
Don’t let thing slip and end up a stone heavier come January. Keep on top of things!
It’s a long winter.
Take care,

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