Have The Chocolates Gone? (TRY A FREE FITNESS CLASS)

So the first full week of the New Year is over!!
How you all feeling?
It’s a funny and sometimes daunting time of year.
Reflecting on what went on last year and looking ahead to this year.
The whole experience can leave you exciting and optimistic as you look forward or nervous and pessimistic.
Which bracket do you fall into?
I’d put myself in the first one but with a hint of nerves for the second one! This year I’m going for bigger and better which you’ll find out in due course.
I don’t know the statistics but I would predict that a good 60%+ of people’s goals this year are related to improving their health/weight/body in some shape or form!
Is it yours?
Did you set a similar goal last year?
Did you achieve it?
If you didn’t then maybe it’s time to try something exciting and new.
It’s my new and improved program that I have been working on with my members.
It’s split into 1-1 or small group sessions.
I won’t tell you all the details (they’re on the link above) but I can promise you that if you commit you WILL see results.
For the whole of January you can try a small group session for F-R-E-E!! You just need to reply to this/get in touch and I’ll get you booked in.
Memberships start from just over £40 a month.
A bit more than a gym membership but a whole lot more too in terms of value and success.
Don’t just take my word for it, here is client of the year Donna:
‘Oh my Goodness…How lovely to see the results from other people. What an 8 months it has been!
Encourage anyone who is fed up and wants to get some changes in their life to go along and book in with Jamie. I hate going to the the gym but this is totally different and I just love it. Inspiring results from so many fabulous people :). Thanks again Jamie. Wishing you continued success for 2019.’
So get rid of those last few boxes of chocolate and do something really good for your health this year.
Jamie Stedman
PS I have 7 slots available so far in the small group Revitalise program so get in touch to get yourself booked in. 
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