Have You Started The Year Well?

Good morning,
The first full week in work is nearly done for many of you.
How’s it been?
Back to normality, a full week with no special days or bank holidays.
The last of the Christmas chocolates have been finished and it’s time to look forward.
I hope you are all feeling positive and looking forward to the New Year.
The gyms are getting busier. Many people making their way back after anywhere between 3-4 days and a whole month off! They must have a good December!
Too bloody good for some people who are now a stone heavier!
In one of my classes on Monday, the first lady came in and said ‘I’ve put on 5lbs’, the second lady came and said ‘I’ve put on 8lbs’ and then a guy came in and he had put on half a stone as well! Many people have put on double or even triple that amount!
Some people will lose this extra weight fast, some people will lose it slowly.
Some people won’t lose it at all!
If you want a quick solution to losing that bit of holiday excess then (if you’re a women) why not come down to my slimming club in Felinfoel church hall tonight.
We have a chat about nutrition, give you tips and tools to help and we have a weigh in.
We eat normal meals the whole family can enjoy, and have over 300 recipes for you to choose from.

The meals on the plans taste great, and we have meal plans and recipes suitable for vegetarians.

Meals include: shepherds pie, curries, burgers, fish cakes, meatballs, kebabs, soups, salads, deserts, savory snacks and sweet treats like cookies, snack bars and muffins.

*No points systems and counting calories.
*No exercise
*No shakes, bars or products to buy.
*No weighing and leaving.
*Advice for women, including how to improve lots of female based issues like hormones and PCOS
*Done with other WOMEN in the same position as you.
All the details you need are here:
For the blokes and those who fancy learning from the comfort of your own home then my detox course is still availablefor just £19.99
If followed correctly you can lose that holiday weight, boost your energy levels and feeling raring to go and take on 2017!
Click below for all the details
Have a great weekend!
PS If you’re unsure of the best way to get yourself feeling a bit better than you can book a free consultation call with me on the phone/skype. Just reply to this email and I’ll send you some available slots.

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