How Fit Are You? Read On To Test

I’m having a much needed admin day while writing this, I ran Llanelli half marathon over the weekend so my legs and particularly my feet are in a bit of a state! I’m pleased to say it went well and I ran my fastest ever time.
I achieved my goal of running it in a particular time which got me thinking about the subject of this post – FITNESS.
If you type into google the top fitness benchmarks you’ll get a load of stuff like bench press 1.5 times your bodyweight, deadlift twice your body weight, run 1.5 miles in 9 mins etc.
This stuff shows extremely good fitness.
Most of the tests your average people won’t get anywhere near.
What about basic fitness?
Do you have a level of basic fitness?
These tests aren’t scientifically proven or researched, I’ve just put the list together myself.
If you can do everyone I’d say you’re reasonably healthy and have a good basic level of fitness (which you can build on nicely).
However if you can’t do any or just 1-2 then it’s probably a good sign that you need to change something in your life so that you can. SERIOUSLY
Here goes:
1. Walk 1 mile without getting overly breathless
2. Even better – be able to jog 1 mile
3. Be able to take a flight of stars without your thighs screaming or sweating profusely 
4. Squat down to 90 degrees comfortably (and get back up)
5. Perform 10 press ups (on toes or kneeling)
6. Hold the plank for 60s 
7. Getup off the floor comfortably 
8. Hang from a bar with your bodyweight for over 20s 
How many did you score?
Like I said if you’re only on 0-2 then you need to really have a think about doing something.
I can safely say after signing up to one of my Revitalise plans you should be able to do all if not most of them by the end of your first block. That’ll make life a bit easier.
The longer you leave things the harder they’ll get.
I still have 5 spaces left to start on my plan in February. All the details are here to get in quick:
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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