How To Eat Out The Smart Way

Don’t Eat Out!!! Just kiddding
December has hit – that crazy time of year!
This is the time when clients start to ask me how the hell do they stay on track. There’s loads of treats around the office in work, meals out, christmas parties etc etc
For sure it is a bit harder but the worst thing you can do is right the month off and start again in January with the ‘new year, new me brigade’ 1 stone heavier!
Try to keep up as much routine as possible e.g. eating healthy breakfasts, healthy lunches, going to the gym and then on the evenings where you are going out do it, enjoy it and then back on track.
To help you out I’ve got a few tips for you when eating out this Christmas:
Read the descriptions – If it’s boiled, grilled or steamed then it’s probably a good option. If it’s battered or fried then that food even if it was healthy a t some point isn’t anymore! It’ll be packed with many bad fats which your body doesn’t need.
Plan Ahead – Most places you go now have a website where you can check out the menu. Have a little look what’s on there and try and make your decision before going there (using the advice above) this helps avoid you panicking and ordering something you don’t want.
Drink Water – If you have water on the table you’ll most likely drink a lot less of the bad stuff (fizzy drinks and alcohol). Restaurant dishes are pretty salty so staying hydrated is important.
I ask my clients why can’t you eat healthy?
The main responses I get:
– Haven’t got time to cook
– Haven’t got the right foods in the house
You eat out and you have a chef cooking whatever you want for you, make the most of it.
So if you’re eating out in the next couple of weeks I hope this helps.
Jamie Stedman
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