How To Speed Up Your Results With Supersets

I’ve tried so many different training methods over the past few years with my gym workouts, I’m sure many of you are in the same boat.

I’ve done high reps, low reps, circuit training, drop sets, split routines … I can go on and on.

All of them have their own benefits.


The one type of training that I have enjoyed for my gym workouts the most have been SUPERSET Training.

They have given me the best results, I have increased my strength and best of all the workouts can be done in less than 30 minutes and you feel like you’ve had a hell of a workout.

I’ve also done this with my clients and they love it (not at the time), especially great for my short Fast Fitness sessions (see all PT packages here).

Supersets are when you perform 2 or more exercise back to back without rest. E.g. you would do a bench press and then as soon as you have completed the last rep of the bench press you would do a barbell row. Once you have completed the barbell row then you will rest (this is one set) before going back to the bench press and doing however many more sets.

By taking out the rest period that you would normally get between doing one exercise and the next you literally half your workout time and double the intensity, brilliant for making those muscle building gains that many of you are after. This type of training is brilliant for releasing muscle gaining hormones.

I think it really keeps training interesting and stops you from getting stuck in a boring routine.

There are a few different supersets you can do.

You can do isolation supersets where you work the same muscle back to back.

You can do opposing muscle supersets where you would work one muscle and then the opposing muscle e.g. bicep and then tricep.

You can do push and pull supersets e.g. chest press (push) followed by barbell row (pull).

I’ll give you an example superset training session that I will be doing this week for you to try if you like. Don’t go crazy with the weights to begin with and start slow.

Superset Session (rest for 60s after the second exercise):

Incline Bench Press 8 x 3

Bent Over Barbell Row 8 x 3

Rest 2 Minutes

Decline Press Ups 10 x 3

Overhead Tricep press 8 x 3

Rest 2 Minutes

Gym Ball Chest Fly 10 x 3

Lateral Pull Down 10 x 3


Check out this video for more information about superset training and another example one for you to perform.

For more videos you can check out my youtube channel on the following link:

Personal Trainer Llanelli Youtube Channel

That’s it for today, I hope you have found it beneficial and if you haven’t tried this type of training give it a go.

Quick word of warning this is an advanced way of training, if you are new to weights training then you should avoid supersets until you have got a feel for the gym and lifting weights.

Take care,

Jamie ‘Superset’ Stedman

PS Comment below with your favourite way to train

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    • Thank you lawrence for the comment.

      Once you have got a bit more used to weight training you can try this yourself.


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