I Just Wanted To Say Thanks

Last Friday I sent out an email asking from a bit of help from your good selves!
I asked a few questions to find out a bit more about what you want to hear from me basically. I had a load of responses which will help me to shape my future content to hopefully suit you and make it a little more relevant!
These are the questions again if you didn’t get them:
Question 1: What topics do you prefer reading about in my emails?
A. Exercise hints and tips
B. Nutrition advice and recipes
C. Client success stories and general lifestyle advice
Question 2: If you were to work with me what would you benefit from the most?
A. One-One/small group training
B. Attending my slimming club
C. One-one nutrition and lifestyle counselling
D. Online exercise and nutrition guidance
Question 3: What are the main issues that holds you back from getting to where you want to be?
A. Lack of exercise
B. Lack of time to exercise and follow a healthy diet
C. Not knowing what to eat
Question 4: What are you trying to achieve?
A. Better health
B. Weight loss
C. Increased fitness
D. Improved lifestyle through diet and exercise
If you could please reply just saying for example:
1. B
2. C
3. D …
I had a few people respond asking about small group training and if I’m running any at the moment.
I’m going to hopefully be starting another group soon, I’ve got a couple of names down on the waiting list. If you want to add yourself to that then please reply and also state whether you’re looking for morning sessions or evenings 🙂
Group training is awesome! You can do it with friends or family and you get all of the benefits of personal training too as the groups are limited to 3-4 – plus it’s a little cheaper! Which is always good, especially with Christmas on the horizon!!
It’s £10 per session and they run in 12 week blocks.
Let me know and have an awesome weekend whatever you’re up to!
I’ve got a crazy one and am trying to fit in a 5k race, meal with friends, tickets for Wales Vs Japan in the rugby, off to see a gig, go to the cinema and the Christmas market in Cardiff!
I’ll go easy on the mulled wine.
See ya,
Jamie Stedman

PS Want to know a bit more about my other serives click below to find out more (3 options):

  1. One-one/small group training: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/one-one-group-training/
  2. Online coaching: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/online-coaching-3/
  3. Slimming club (you need to fill out a form): https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/slimming-club/

Jamie Stedman

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