I Need Your Help

Hey there,

Hope you’re having a good week.

My holiday blues haven’t been too bad but it’s always a little difficult coming back after a week off.

As I mentioned Wednesday I’m looking to change how I do things and progress things.

I can’t do it without you.

The fact that you’re reading this email means that at some point in time you have wanted my help or taken an interest in what I say/do.

You are my audience and your opinions matter so much to me.

To help shape what I deliver to you I need to know what you want.

So I’ve got 4 quick questions for you, I would massively appreciate it if you could reply to this email/comment below with your answers, it won’t take a minute 🙂

Okay here goes.

Question 1: What topics do you prefer reading about in my emails?
A. Exercise hints and tips
B. Nutrition advice and recipes
C. Client success stories and general lifestyle advice

Question 2: If you were to work with me what would you benefit from the most?
A. One-One/small group training
B. Attending my slimming club
C. One-one nutrition and lifestyle counselling
D. Online exercise and nutrition guidance

Question 3: What are the main issues that holds you back from getting to where you want to be?
A. Lack of exercise
B. Lack of time to exercise and follow a healthy diet
C. Not knowing what to eat

Question 4: What are you trying to achieve?
A. Better health
B. Weight loss
C. Increased fitness
D. Improved lifestyle through diet and exercise

If you could please reply just saying for example:

1. B
2. C
3. D …

That would be so appreciated and will help me in the long term deliver the best quality service that I can.

Pretty please!!!


PS If you know what you want but haven’t quite got around to starting then the following links will point you the right way (3 options):

  1. One-one/small group training: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/one-one-group-training/
  2. Online coaching: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/online-coaching-3/
  3. Slimming club (you need to fill out a form): https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/slimming-club/

Jamie Stedman

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