I Realised How Much Time I Was Wasting (and you are too)


As you know I went on holiday the week before last (sorry again for ignoring you for a week!)

I purposely took a week off emailing you as I didn’t want to think about work too much while I was away, I wanted a complete switch off.

How many of you completely switch off from work/life stresses for at least one day a week?

Can’t say I do completely, most of Sundays I do which is a change I made this year (I used to work every day!)

So my holiday plan was to switch off as much as possible relax and enjoy.

As soon as we got checked in we went down to the hotel bar to wait while our room was ready.

The first thing I did?

Order a drink… the second… Connect to the wifi

How many of you are guilty of this? it seems we can’t go 10 mins without needing to check our phone, some of us can’t even wait until we’ve stopped driving, go to the toilet or have a bath to do it!

It’s the one part of my business which I dislike – I’m fixed to my phone, constantly checking texts, emails, whatsapp, facebook messeger, twitter, instagram.

In my defence it is a big part of my business – I wouldn’t be on there half as much otherwise

Okay as I was saying, I got to the hotel and connected to the wifi – FAILED, tried a few more times but it didn’t work, I was then reliably informed that the hotel wifi was a load of CRAP!

So there and then I decided I wouldn’t bother turning it back on for the rest of the holiday. Was such a good decision – I know if it had worked I wouldn’t have been on it all the time but enough to keep me in work mode.

I loved being without my phone for a week – I was much more relaxed and I had so much more time on my hands! It made me realise even more how much I’m fixed to my phone.

How many of you are slaves to social media/the internet and constantly on your phone/tablet/laptop?

I know a 3 year old girl who had an iphone for christmas last year! WTF?

How long could you go without your phone?

If you’re like me you complain that you’re always rushed and there’s never enough time to do things.

Try cutting back on your daily phone/computer time and see how much more time you have in the day. Most of the stuff on social media is crap anyway!!

Keep reading these emails though 😉

Have a good week,

Jamie Stedman

PS I got back to the airport, turned my phone on and had 250 emails, 10 texts, 4 voicemails, 64 facebook notifications and 260 whatsapp messages. About 10% of it needed responding to/was worth reading.

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