I’m Off To Spain

My first trip abroad of the year
Flight departs in about an hour
I’m off to Oviedo, Spain for a few days with a couple of mates to watch a bit of football, drink a few ciders, eat some seafood and chill out!
It’s been a crazy start to the year over the first two months so I’m having a few days to recharge my batteries.
What I’ve been guilty of over the last few months is overdoing it.
Taking on too much work and saying yes to a little too much
I’m sure many of you can relate to this too (especially if you have kids)
– wake up early, get the kids ready for school
– skip breakfast/rush something quick like cereal or toast
– work all day and grab lunch on the go
– maybe pick the kids up from school
– take one to football training
– one to rugby training
– get them home, rush a dinner and grab something quick like a pizza or ready meal
– finally sit down and doze off in front of the tv
– repeat x 5 and then eat a load of junk and drink some alcohol on the weekend to ‘relax’
Fast forward doing this week in week out and you my friend are out of shape and have gained some lbs
This is so common these days
I see many moms and dads (or middle aged people looking after their own parents) go through this.
You spend so much time looking after other people that you have no time for your self
What you would benefit more from is finding a little bit of time to drink some water, do a bit of exercise and eat a decent meal.
What’s popular with many of my clients is the short 30 min sessions I offer. A couple of sessions a week isn’t too time consuming and it’s enough to make a real difference.
It doesn’t break the bank either!
Drop me a message if you want to get involved (I’ll reply next week when I’m back)
Okay that’s it from me.
Jamie Stedman
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