My Great North Run Experience

So as I mentioned last week I was heading up to Newcastle on the weekend to compete in the Great North Run.
I had a load of good luck messages so wanted to let you know how I got on.
It was a bit of an up and down race! That both referred to the undulating course and also how it went!
The big big positives:
– I competed in the biggest half marathon in the world
– I lined up alongside Mo Farah (and his wife!)
– I got on TV a couple of times
– The support around the course was unbelievable
– I finished in the top 1% and my 4th fastest half marathon time
The negatives:
– In all the excitement, looking back I went off too fast
– I wasn’t able to hold my pace and couldn’t shift my stitch which eventually led me to needing to walk and blew my pb which I was on course for
There’s too ways a disappointment like this can go, you can be down in the dumps and let it ruin everything or you can learn from it and come back stronger.
Me going off too fast in the first mile made me think of some people’s weight loss and exercise efforts.
At the start of something exciting and new motivation is sky high so you want to do as much as possible.
Cut out all bad foods
Exercising 5-10 times a week
100% effort in HIIT classes and spin classes
Great, the weight is falling off and you’re flying
Fast forward a few weeks (or for me 8.5 miles) and things start to slow down, you start to struggle.
The pace isn’t sustainable, the diet isn’t sustainable, that much exercise isn’t.
What I should have done:
– Slowed down and maintained pace rather than what I did do which was keep going until I couldn’t anymore.
Sometimes less is more.
That’s what my programs involve:
– Sensible eating plan with a little bit of room for treats
– 2-3 x 45 min exercise sessions a week, mixing strength, core and circuit training
That’s all.
Little and often, slow and steady, long term results.
How does that sound to you?
Have a great weekend,
PS I feel so motivated after last weekend to come back fitter and stronger, your potential success should excite you too.
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