Nearly 3 Stone Lighter

That’s what small group training client Wayne has achieved in 13 weeks.
Pretty exceptional results.
But the weight loss is just one aspect of it.
Wayne started with me a few months ago in one of my Tuesday evening small group classes, I remember in his first message before coming he said that he had a lot of weight to lose, he was unfit and asked if I’m up for a challenge.
As per my usual response to that question the answer was a resounding YES.
Each week I have seen Wayne improve in the gym, his fitness, exercise tolerance and technique has improved.
He feels like he has more energy, he’s eating much healthier and has recently started coming to another group slot at 6am on a Thursday!
He’d have thought I was having him on if I suggested that 13 weeks ago.
Wayne had a powerful goal to save his health, there’s nothing more powerful and worthwhile than doing it for your health.
Abs and a nice bum are great but they don’t keep you alive.
If your health is going downhill and you can’t even walk upstairs without getting breathless then you need to change something.
Whether it’s going for a walk once a week, cooking a healthy meal or like Wayne plucking up the courage to recruit someone who can help them like me then please do something.
Before I leave you this is the testimonial Wayne wrote last week:
‘Well tonight was week 12 with Jamie Stedman, I have lost 2.5 stone (now closer to 3) but also my fitness has increased significantly, also I have noticed a reduction in the aches and pains, particularly when doing the physical work or out walking. I find Jamie very motivating and supportive and always willing to give advice which helps when away from the group. I am particularly impressed with his ability to observe a group of 4 people and is then able to give advice to each individual to maximise benefits, but also to make the workouts safe. I do find the small group training brilliant, particularly with me being the only male ij our group but the ladies have been amazingly supportive, we do have fun while working out which makes the sessions more enjoyable. Now then where are we going for the Christmas party?!’
I’m going to stop there before my head gets any bigger!
If you want to see results like Wayne then you can add yourself to the waiting list for small group training, just reply to this with your name and what times you can attend.
And of course get started in time to attend the Christmas party!
Ta ta
Jamie Stedman
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