This was more the case Monday and yesterday after running Cardiff half marathon last Sunday.
My legs are starting to ease now thankfully!
What an event though, 26,000 runners took to the streets of our Capital city in perfect running conditions.
It was such a good route and the atmosphere and support was phenomenal for the whole entire course.
Such an event really is a massive test of people’s mental and physical strength, I’ve spoken about running in the past and it’s relationship with weight loss and whether it’s a good idea.
I stick by my take home point of no it’s not if you’re doing it purely for weight loss but in terms of how I rate running it’s very highly.
I don’t think there are many events that bring together a city like Sunday. I know so many people who have been hitting the streets before and after work over the last few months in preparation.
(I was naughty and hadn’t been really, I only got my place late on the week before due to someone getting injured. So I went against what advice I would give to others and ran last minute! Hence why it took my legs days to recover – naughty trainer!)
I’m a firm believer that people work better with a goal or a target.
It’s what gets you out of bed on a cold, dark morning and down to the gym.
It’s what makes you take the extra time to cook a healthy meal when it would be easier to get you a take away.
It’s what stops you from turning to wine and beer every weekend just because it’s habit and it’s the weekend.
My best advice on setting your goal:
It has to mean so much to you.
Not a half assed goal of I want to lose a stone.
Why? Why do you really want to lose a stone?
If it doesn’t stir up some serious emotion then it’s not the right goal.
Have a think,
Jamie Stedman
PS Heartbreakingly two runners lost their lives after the run. Awful awful news so my thoughts are with their families.


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