Positive Or Negative, Which One Are You?

Hello there,
I’m currently on holiday in the sunny south of France (I hope it’s sunny, I’ve written this a few days before going) enjoying a much needed and well earned rest.
One thing I pride myself on is my ability to be a pretty happy chappy the majority of the time.
A miserable and negative personal trainer tend not to be that high in demand!
Do I get stressed? yes, Angry? Yep! Down? Of course
But I do tend to keep these feelings to a minimum and have a positive outlook on life.
Everyone’s lifestyle is different which I accept makes this more difficult for some people.
How about you?

Do you wake up on Monday feeling like:

A. Tired, sluggish and dreading the week to come

B. Excited, motivated to have a great week


This leaping out of bed business is a bit of a myth I reckon but where possible being in category B is a lot better for you. 
It seems in society we love to wish our time and ultimately our lives away, how many more Mondays before Christmas??
We accept ‘not too bad’ as being good enough! Aim higher, work towards higher, change your mindset, take control, change your life.
Do something nice every day, book holidays, have date nights, get a hobbie, live in the now.
Look at your life, see what works and see what doesn’t. What can you do to make the things that don’t work, work? I’m not here to tell you to quit your job or anything stupid like that but I want to encourage you to make changes to your life for the better.

I want you to wake up Monday morning ready to kick some ass!

Positive thinking is healthy.

Stress and negativity can lead to illness.

Stay positive!

Jamie Stedman
PS For more mindset management tips among other things go here: https://bit.ly/2Jl4Kvb
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