Should We Treat Sugar Like Smoking?

I just read an interesting article on the BBC website (
The discussion was based upon whether sweets, snacks and sugary drinks should be plain packaged to make them less appealing.
In an attempt to stop us from eating too much.
The average teenager now consumes three times more sugar than the recommended allowance.
That’s a lot!
The same thing happened with smoking over the last 10 years or so and it has actually cut smoking by a third which is brilliant.
Could we go the same way with sugar?
There’s a call to follow suit from the sugar tax on drinks to widen it to other sugary products, coupled with the less appealing packaging I think this really could make a difference.
The big companies are phenomenal with their advertising making these products too hard to put down and stop eating.
It’s slowly but surely making us more unhealthy and reducing our quality of life dramatically.
So in my opinion I think a harsher stance on the big companies will help if they can do it.
Their argument would be that they’re just competing with other brands and that we are choosing to buy the products which is fair enough from their perspective but things just aren’t working and we are getting worse rather that better.
Let’s hope the government can be strong and take action.
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