The Cost Of Medication Is On The Rise

I was doing the rounds on BBC news this week and was reading an article about the growing cost of medication in the UK.
This article was focused mainly in England and said that patients can expect a delay getting new drugs or going without them.
The NHS are trying to cut the costs on expensive treatments.
This is another attempt to ease the pressure on the health service.
This winter waiting times in A & E departments and vital treatments having to be cancelled across the country.
Last year 16.8billion was spent on drugs by the NHS!!!
What a staggering figure and it’s rising fast.
The pressure on the NHS is unbelievable
They do such a good job but unfortunately the way a lot of us treat our bodies add to the strain
Could you cope if you had to pay for some of your drugs or even go without them?
That’s the way it’s going
I don’t want this message to be all doom and gloom though.
It’s a fact that if you eat a bit better and do a bit of exercise you don’t need to be so reliant on some of the drugs that people are prescribed.
I work with some people who are taking 20+ drugs a day!!
Who wants that?
The good news is ‘IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE’ so whether you’re 8 or 80 you can still make a difference.
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Jamie ‘Drug Free’ Stedman
PS This is absolutely not me advertising you to stop taking your medication. Always check with your GP.
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