The Truth About The Fitness Industry

Let me tell you a little bit about the fitness industry.

The fitness industry is wonderful. There are so many new and brilliant ways to keep us fit and healthy.

There’s gyms everywhere.

Some gyms are charging £10-15 a month! That’s insane.

For less than 50p a day you have the opportunity to use their facilities (gym equipment, changing rooms, shower).

A bargain!

Where else could you get that in today’s world?

Good old gyms.

Or not so good?

How can these gyms possibly charge so little and still make a good profit?

Some of these gyms have a couple of thousand members.

Think of the size of the gym, what would happen if everyone of those members came at the same time?

Not a lot in terms of exercise!

These budget gyms bank on you not turning up.

They haven’t got the space to accomodate even close to those numbers of people training at the same time.

And for a payment as little as 10-15 quid a month how many people are going to cancel even if they aren’t using it?

Probably not that much (plus you’re often tied into a long contract anyway), people like to have a gym membership even if they don’t use it.

It makes them feel better.

These gyms make their big profits on you not using the gym.

They also make a few quid by charging personal trainers to work there which means the gym looks like it has staff.

Do I have a problem with this?

Not massively, I think it’s great to have a gym membership but I don’t want to see people wasting their hard earned money. Like I said earlier for what you get for your money gyms are fantastic and it is a great way of keeping fit and healthy.


If you know you hate the gym and will hardly ever use it then look for another way to get fit, don’t just join one because you feel that you should or because everyone else is.

– Go for walks
– Find a sport you enjoy
– Cycle to work
– Go swimming
– Play with the children/grandchildren

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How does that sound?

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Take care,


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