The Wonderful World Of Exercise

Today I wanted to talk about a positive subject.

I know my articles aren’t exactly depressing but a lot of them can be a bit like ‘Don’t do this’, ‘Don’t eat that’. ‘Never eat that’.


Today I just wanted to talk about why exercise is so fantastic.

If you were told there was a pill which would:

• Help you lose weight

• Increase your mood

• Improve the way you look

• Boost energy levels

• Reduce your chances of getting ill or suffering from diseases

• Improve the strength of your bones

• Increase your strength

• Improve mental focus

• And more.

There would be a queue outside the doctors a mile long.

Exercise does all of the above ^^^^

The downside is you may get a little hot and sweaty, may ache a little bit the day after and you will have to dedicate maybe 1-3 hours a week to get the benefits.

For me it’s a no brainer, the pros far far far outweigh the cons.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

There are reasons/excuses; time, money, work, energy etc.

All of these reasons can be overcome.

For 95% of the people living in the UK who say they can’t exercise I’m sure they probably can. Like I mentioned above you can do 1 hour a week and still see some benefits. If you go out for an hour walk on a Sunday morning on your day off you are going to be better off than someone who didn’t.

If you play football twice a week for 30 mins then you will get more benefits than someone who didn’t.

No matter how much or little you are doing the main point is it is better than doing nothing.

You don’t have to join a gym to exercise or run miles on end. Go for a walk, do some gardening, do some housework. Anything that gets you moving and elevates the heart rate can be classed as exercise.

Find something you enjoy doing and go do it and help to get all of those massive benefits I mentioned which regular exercise has to offer.

For me I love exercise, maybe a little bit too much. I can sometimes overdo it. I’ve got a half marathon this weekend, then got 5 weeks to train for the athletics track season. Plus I’m enjoying a strength training program in the gym at the moment. So plenty to keep me on my toes.

I find having a goal helps to keep me focussed and looking forward to the next challenge.

No matter how big or small your exercise goal is, find one and let it motivate you.

Thanks for reading,

Jamie ‘Always On The Move’ Stedman

PS Another ‘drawback’ of exercise is you may get a little bit addicted. It’s bloody good!

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