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Hey there,

We have been working together for a whole month now! Awesome.

I bet you feel a heck of a lot better now than you did 4 weeks ago, this is just the start.

Each week from now on there will be a Tutorial Video uploaded to the weekly page on here. They’ll only be 4-8 mins long and will give you some great info which is designed to help you maximise your results and stick to the plan.

Here is Tutorial Number 1 – Carbohydrates

This is the food which will have the biggest impact on your weight loss attempts so you need to give this video a watch.


I have a delicious healthy recipe for you to try. Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night when you’ve got a bit of extra time to cook:

Caribbean Chicken

This is the last week of cycle 1.

This means that on the weekend this week I want you to weight, measure, take progress photos and write me a short description of how you have found cycle 1 and say what you have achieved.

Please do this as it forms an important part of your plan. You will be able to look back on this at the end of the 90 days and see a full picture of what you have achieved and see your progress throughout.

Also I wanted to talk to you about the importance of rest.

Rest & Recovery

I just wanted to quickly talk about rest, recovery & injuries. Basically if you get the first two right (rest and recovery) you should avoid the injuries!

Your body needs time to recover, this is why I try to avoid training you on consecutive days, if I do have to then I will do something different the next session. Your muscles need time to recover (about 48 hours) from a tough workout.

During training your muscles break down, it is during the rest period they start to rebuild and if you give them enough rest and you eat well (rehydrate yourself and good quality protein) they will come back stronger. This is the basic principle of how we adapt and improve.

During recovery this is what happens to your body:
• Adapts to the stress of exercise
• Training effects take place
• Replenish energy stores
• Replenishes damaged tissue
• Replenish fluid loss

Getting into an exercise programme can be difficult, and then once you are into it it can be very addictive and hard to stop, but resist the temptation to train everyday and stick to the plan and follow my advice for rest days, that’s the best way to do it.

Always remember to cool down as well. This can often get neglected but is vital in the recovery process.

Plus if you haven’t already received this check out this cool nutrition advice poster which I designed. It’s some simple steps to ensuring fat loss, print it out or keep it somewhere easy to find.

Fat Loss Made Simple

So that’s it for now. Take a little second to give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved in the last month and then it’s time to get back to the hard work and keep up with the fantastic, potentially life changing results.

Next stop Cycle 2!

After 7 days you are ready to move onto Week 6


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