Week 6

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4 (optional)

Weekly Meal Plan


5 weeks on the plan done now!

You have now moved onto Cycle 2

Last weekend you should have weighed, taken photos and re-measured yourself and sent the results to me, alongside a quick description of how you found cycle 1 and what you achieved.

If you haven’t done that, please do so soon. Like I said in one of the emails I’m picking a winner from each cycle.

Cycle 2 sees us introduce an optional Saturday/Sunday quick fitness workout into your plan. This will help to boost your results and can be done in just 10 minutes!

So let’s keep up the hard work train as hard as you can, eat as well as possible and get the results all of your effort deserves.

A few things for you this week, firstly I want to point you in the direction of this short article about the difference between losing weight and losing fat. If you are envious of the people who are losing pounds and pounds of weight on mad aggressive diets and with things like herbalife and juice plus then this article will make you feel better and prove to you that you are doing it the right way.

Lose Fat Not Weight

Tutorial 2 – Sticking To The Plan (7 mins 20)

I discuss:
–       Cravings
–       Snacks
–       Eating Out

It’s all go this week!

Here is the next Q & A and Food Diary feedback Video

Food Diary Feedback plus Q & A Video 2 ( 9:55mins)

I talk about exercising when ill, portion sizes, good breakfasts and analyse 3 food diaries.


Portion Size

A lot of people ask me how much they should they eat.

Many people believe that the key to losing weight is simply eating less. I disagree; actually I am going to say that many of you probably aren’t eating enough!

What you should be doing is increasing your portion sizes, I bet I’ve shocked a few of you there.

I have seen it so many times, people start to lose weight initially and then it all stops – the dreaded weight loss plateau!

Break through your plateau by increasing your intake of the same good foods that you already eat, give your body more it will thank you.

Add calories in the form of protein, add 75-100kcal to a meal and 25-50kcal to your snacks, 300-400kcal across a day would be plenty.

If you have a plate full of chicken and salad you are going to struggle to eat so much that you gain weight, as long as what’s on your plate is healthy I wouldn’t worry too much about exact portion sizes.

Keep working hard. Hard work = Results!

After 7 days you are ready to move onto Week 7

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