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Welcome to week 7 on the plan.

Approaching the 50 day mark now!

Okay so up first this week I’ve got your third tutorial. It’s another good one! All about bloating, what causes it and how to get rid of it in less than 5 mins



Want To Know About Abs?

Many people see their stomach area as a major problem and shifting the fat there is one of the main reasons why people start exercising. The ladies are looking for that elusive flat stomach where as the males out there often look to achieve that chiseled 6 pack look.

As you will have noticed your plan does contain some core training but not too much of it. Doing endless sit ups isn’t the way to get a six pack, you’ll probably get a damaged back and neck beforehand. To get the flat stomach you dream of is a long term process involving high intensity cardio exercise, an awesome resistance training programme and most importantly a clean natural diet.

But you do need to know what kind of core work to do to get the final look you dream of. You don’t just have 6 abdominal muscles, there are four separate abdominal regions, all of which have different exercises that work them:

1. Upper Abs – These can be worked by performing the basic crunch, toe touches and v-sits.
2. Lower Abs – Hanging leg raises (roman chair needed) are a top way of strengthening your lower abs, these can also be performed using a pull up bar (try to avoid swinging), not recommended for beginners. Leg raises can also be done from the floor.
3. Obliques – The oblique crunch unsurprisingly works your obliques (sides), the difference from a normal crunch is you bring your elbow to its opposite knee on each side. Remember to perform the same exercise on each side!
4. Entire Core – Exercise ball crunches work your entire core so is a great exercise along with different plank variations.

As you notice I do spend a bit of time at the end of many sessions specifically targeting our abdominals. Core strength is so important, this is why I do these exercises. Squats and most free weight exercises need good core strength to maintain balance so this is one of the reasons why core exercises are so important.

If you wanted to read a little bit more about the subject then have a read over this article ‘Top 5 Exercises For A Flat Stomach’

After 7 days you are ready to move onto Week 8


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