What A Bunch Of Losers


Losers! I’m talking about the ladies in my Wednesday night slimming group.

We weighed last week for the second time.

They had losses of 2, 3, 4, 7 and one lady lost 9 lbs all after one week on the plan.

You may think with results like that it’s a heavily restricted plan??

Absolutely not!

The girls have been eating salt, butter, curries, chicken kebabs and all sorts!!

Just like with my online plans and one-one training I look at people’sĀ HEALTH firstly.

You see a healthy body will lose weight

An unhealthy body will hold onto weight

You can exercise your ass off and restrict your calories but if you are unhealthy then you simply aren’t going to lose weight (or much of it anyway).

Being healthy doesn’t just mean – not being ill.

There’s much more to it.

Only once you address this will you be able to see some serious results (and not have to try anywhere near as hard).

If you’re intrigued and want to find out how I can help you improve all aspects of your health (which will improve your life) and unlock your weight loss potential then click below to find out more (3 options):

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Jamie Stedman


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