What Have You Done This Week?

Another week done!
Christmas is just a distant memory, those boxes of chocolates, glasses of wine, pints of beer and feeling of sluggishness and bloatedness are long gone…
For most people yes – for everyone no.
Some people do it all year round, others just haven’t found their way back to the magical and mythical path of health and wellness.
Wednesday I attached my 7 Step Weight Loss Cheat Sheet in an attempt to poke those wandered back onto the bath with a big stick.
For those of you who got the cheat sheet (or didn’t) I want to know what things you have done this week, what have you done to put yourself right recently or in the past to help you get back to feeling good again? (not accepting more alcohol chocolate!)
Let me know as it’s going to help others.
These are 5 things I did in the first week of January:
–    Upped water intake to 3 litres a day
–    Put the chocolates out of sight
–    Missed breakfast mon-fri and fasted for 16-20 hours each time
–    Got back to my exercise routine
–    Ate a shit load of green vegetables!
Fast forward a few days and I’m feeling pretty good again.
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
PS If you want me to poke you with a stick until you’re skinny and happy then this is where you need to go (3 options):
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