When Not To Exercise

Hey there,

I’m back!!

Happy to say I had an awesome break in Tenerife with my girlfriend, I ate too much, drank a little more than usual too but it was needed.

Things have been a little crazy for me in the 2nd half of 2016 so it was a much needed break.

It was nice to take a step back and have a little think about how I want things to go going forward. there’s plenty of cool stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Don’t worry I didn’t spend a whole week thinking about work (my girlfriend would have killed me!)

But the exercise addict in me did make a little appearance, I went out most mornings and did a little 20 min run down the beach or a morning hotel room workout. I felt awesome after it, perfect start to the day.

Exercise isn’t always the best answer you know?

If you are stressed which exercise do you think is better?

A. High intense workouts e.g. boxercise class, kettlebell class, bootcamp


B. Easy cardio e.g. walking, easy cycling/jogging


It’s B.

You may think that lifting some heavy weights or smashing some pads is a great stress buster but it’s not always.

Exercise is actually another stress to the body.

You release a hormone called cortisol when you do high intense/extreme exercise, this is the hormone response to stress too.

High cortisol levels leads to:
– Sleep disturbances
– Depression
– Digestive problems
– Weight gain (especially around the tummy)

So if you are constantly tired, stressed and can’t get your diet right then extra exercise or high intense bootcamps probably aren’t the right thing for you. You’d be better off going for a walk or a little jog.

I do things different – I want my clients to exercise less, get better results and have more time to spend with their family and friends.

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Jamie Stedman

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