Whose Fault Is It?

Ever blamed something else for your failure?

I know I have. I’ve been blaming Pancake Day for the last two weeks for my diet going a bit off track.

I’ve been eating great this year, really well in the week and then for the sake of my sanity the odd treat (or two) at the weekend. I’m happy with that, I don’t need to lose weight. 

I follow a healthy diet because it makes me feel better physically and mentally as well as for aesthetic reasons.

After a few days of eating junk I always feel sluggish, my skins bad, energy levels drop. So that’s why I eat healthy.

But over the last couple of weeks a few of the treats I have on the weekend normally have started to creep into my diet in the week.

It all started with a pancake (three pancakes) when I was on a trip to Cardiff on a Tuesday. Normally I don’t eat any bad foods in the week like chocolate, ice cream, pizza etc. I’ve found the nothing approach works for me during the week.

So having this pancake on the Tuesday meant I had a couple of chocolate bars on the Wednesday which meant I had a couple of pieces of bread on the Thursday and due to my cravings I had a few more pancakes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then it was pancake day Tuesday- you get the picture my diets been a bit crap the last couple of weeks.

Good news is I’m back on track now. Had a couple of mini fasts (14-17 hours with no food) and some healthy meals and I’m back to normal without too much damage being done.

But that happened to me, I consider myself a very motivated person and very clued up on nutrition. I got out of my routine easily but I managed to stop and get back on track, but it still took me 2 weeks.

I’m sure what happened to me as happened to you as well?

The bad thing is some people don’t know how to stop it, some don’t want to but I know if you’re reading this then you don’t want to eat junk all of the time. Or get to the point when you’ve put on 3 stone and have got your work cut out to lose all of that weight.

Like I said I blamed pancake day. But I knew full well where the fault lay, 100% me. Just because I ate bad on the Tuesday didn’t mean I had to on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (and week after that).

What excuses have you used for eating badly or not exercising?

  • The weather
  • Holiday coming up
  • Boredom
  • Tiredness
  • In a rush
  • Stress
  • Healthy food is more expensive
  • Etc.etc.etc.

There’s a long list. Yep all of the above make things harder but by no means whatsoever impossible.

Today’s message really is if you want to be fit, skinny (insert goal) then you need to take personal responsibility for it. There are ways around every excuse.

If you don’t have time to make breakfast – get up 10 mins earlier. If you don’t have time to go to the gym do mini workouts at home.

Yes it’s obviously a bit harder but if your goal means a lot to you then you can do it.

The state of our nation’s health is worrying. Inactivity and a poor diet is literally killing us.

I know none of you want to go that way.

I’m not saying ditch every nice food in the world but be sensible,think moderation and think of your health and happiness.

No more excuses.

Jamie ‘It’s My Fault’ Stedman

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