Why I Prefer Older Women (And Men)

Don’t worry this isn’t a dark secret I’ve been keeping…

Everybody knows it!

I much prefer working with older people

OLDER – I didn’t say old 😉

Just saying that to avoid a kick in the shin in my next session

I’m into my 5th year in the business now and I’ve worked with a whole range of people

People with different goals, different health issues, different attitudes to training and different ages

Some people I’ve had fantastic results with

Some people admittedly I haven’t

I’ve come along way in the last 4 years, I’ve learnt so much and what I love about this business is there’s still a hell of a lot more to learn!

I’ve found over the last few years that I’ve had much more success with clients over the age of 35-40

That’s not to say that I’ve failed with clients younger or don’t like working with them but I’ve found that those a little older are much easier to work with!

They’ve got their affairs in order

They often are doing this for their health and for their family rather than a 6 week cut for those magaluf beach pics!

Many of them have got a nice steady income and home life and can fully commit to a bout of health boosting exercise and dietary changes

Admittedly some have been easier to work with that others but that’s life (and I love a challenge!!)

I’ve worked with people who just need a bit of gentle exercise and a few changes to their diet to improve and I’ve worked with people who are extremely out of condition that a lot more is needed (nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, mindset and more)

I have found that so many people spend so much time and put so much effort into work, looking after the family and the house that they do nothing for their own health. It takes a back seat and it builds up and builds up until a few years down the line they’re overweight, tired, stressed and ill

It happens so much! I see it every single day

If this rings a bell with anyone then please stop that downward spiral and do something good for your body

It’s the only one you’ve got!

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Jamie Stedman

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