Are You Still With Me?

Where are we….
Yep, December 14th. You still going along well with your routines?
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the gyms were getting a little quieter, my slimming club group has trimmed down a little in the last two weeks, luckily my personal training clients aren’t allowed to go off track so they’re still going strong 😉 or at least that’s what they tell me…
My fitness classes that I take have died a bit, so I’m taking that to mean Christmas fever is in full flow and people are having a little break until the New Year (I’m telling myself that rather than people don’t want to go to my classes)
Yeah of course, many of them aren’t there due to works do clashes, Christmas concerts on that night etc. but a lot will have just written off the month and will start again in January (one stone heavier) – a terrible idea if you ask me.
As I said recently it’s important to try and stick to your routine as much as possible, it doesn’t have to be perfect (it never has to be perfect to get results) but you’ve got to just keep yourself ticking over.
Do these things every day during December and you won’t go too far off track:
– Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water
– Supplement with high quality fish oils
– Eat green veg
– Fast and skip breakfast if you’ve over eaten the night before
This easy to adopt protocol will allow you to coast through December relatively unscathed without sacrificing your enjoyment.
Jamie ‘Trying Not To Be Scrooge’ Stedman
PS To find out a bit more about how to hit the ground running in January go here:


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