Happy Easter & A Healthy Creme Egg?

It’s Good Friday and I’ve got 4 sessions this morning and then I’m off until Tuesday which makes it a very good Friday indeed. After work I’m going to swing around the trees for a couple of hours at Go Ape margam with my girlfriend and then we are off to check out the new […]

Merry Christmas (Plus Fish Recipe)

Yo yo! Or should I say Ho Ho! We are now approaching Christmas and the final week of 2017, I really hope you have had a great year and 2018 shall be an even better one. I’m already excited and looking forward to the challenges I am setting myself for next year, plenty of new […]

Fancy A Sweet Treat This Weekend?

I and most of my clients are most likely to go wrong on the weekend. Many people eat well in the week, everything is nice and structured but then when the free and open time of the weekend comes all hell breaks loose! Pizza, ice cream, chocolate, bread, bread, crisps and bread! Come Monday morning, feel […]