What Makes Us Different?

I got asked this week ‘What makes your fitness business different to a normal gym?’ A good question I thought. I’m a big fan of gyms, I think in terms of value for money it’s one of the best deals out there. For what you can get for £30-40 is amazing – if you use […]

My New Extension

Hey there, It’s definitely been a busy week up at HQ in Bynea. We’ve had a few new starters on the Revitalise Plan who are doing great already plus we’ve extended the gym by another 33%! It’s already made the studio a much better place to train. We now have our own separate cardio and […]

Nail Your Morning Routine

How do you start your day? It’s well known that the most successful people often have a solid morning routine. I’d love to say I wake up at 5:30am naturally to the birds singing and then do some yoga in the garden followed with a green smoothie and healthy breakfast. Unfortunately I live in Wales […]