Week 1 Preparation Week


How do you feel? You have just signed up to something great.

You are now ready and in the perfect position to make some seriously positive changes to your health, fitness and your life.

So what does week 1 have in store for you?

Quite a lot. The first few weeks of everything are always the busiest, there is a lot of information to take in but please don’t feel overawed.

The aim of the first week is to prepare your body. Prepare it for exercise and prepare it for good nutrition.

Often people take on too much too soon and give up within a few weeks.

Not you.

I’m going to guide you through the proper way to do it.

Below are all of the links to the pages and documents you need for week 1. You don’t have to read them all today but make sure you read them all within the next 7 days. 

The document below is one of the most important documents of the program. Please download it/save it/print it off and read it top to bottom. This gives you some vital information which you will need on your program.

To Guide You Through Your Program

Once you have read that there are a few more things to do and read over the course of the next 7 days.

Clearly you came to me as you needed a trainer and some guidance but that doesn’t mean you have no say in proceedings, please click below to see what I mean and find out exactly how this program is going to benefit you:

What Are You Going To Improve On?

Before you start your program you are going to need to perform some fitness tests. These tests will give us your baseline scores and then in a few weeks you will redo these to hopefully see how much your fitness has improved. Fitness tests aren’t the most pleasant but they need to be done and are very important.

This page shows you what fitness tests you need to do:

Fitness Tests

Did you know that your diet can determine around 70% of your physical results, so exercise only accounts for 30% which means you need to work just as hard, if not harder with your diet as with your training.

Nutrition can be a confusing matter so for the first 7 days that’s all I’m going to give you are these:

Core Meal Plan – Click on it to download a 7 day core meal plan, for the next 7 days follow this basic eating plan to help prepare your body for the first proper week of training and beyond. There may be foods in there that you don’t like so swap them for something similar, just ask if you don’t know a good alternative. Go back to this anytime during the program if you go off track.

Meat Free Core Plan – Click the link to view the 7 day meat free core plan. If you don’t eat meat you can stick to a meal plan similar to this for the duration of the plan. Check out the recipe page for more recipes.

Basic Shopping List – This is a shopping list which you can copy and print out. It contains some of the most important foods to try and constantly have stocked up at home.

20 Nutrition Tips – Click the link to read 20 nutritional tips which you will find very helpful during this program.

Preparation Workouts

Alongside your fitness tests in week 1 you should aim to perform these 3 workouts on separate days. These are just to get your body a little bit more accustomed to exercise.

Workout 1 – Bodyweight Circuit

Press ups
Tricep dips
Star jumps/Walking High knees

Perform each exercise for 30s rest 15s and perform the 5 exercises. Rest for 1 minute and repeat the circuit 3 times.

Workout 2 – Cardio

This will differ depending on your fitness. For beginners if you have done no running before just go out for a 15 minute walk. The more experienced you are with running the more you should run e.g. you could jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minutes continuously for 15 minutes. If you feel confident go for a 15 minute run, relatively easy pace.

Workout 3 – Bodyweight Circuit

Press ups
Boxing straight punches
Side plank left
Side plank right

Perform each exercise for 30s rest 15s and perform the 5 exercises. Rest for 1 minute and repeat the circuit 3 times.

Equipment Needed

I’ve had a few questions from you asking what equipment you need for the 90 Day Plan. Luckily the equipment needed is minimal and a lot of what you are doing is bodyweight. That’s all you need is a fitness mat and a pair of dumbbells. You don’t need to go too heavy with the dumbbells you can get adjustable ones or fixed weights. 2-4kg should be okay, for the stronger of you out there 4-7kg. You should be able to pick up the fitness mat for a few quid and the dumbbells cost a little more. Most sports shops sell them as well as online.

To summarise what you need to do over the next 7 days:

  1. Read your ‘To guide you through your program guide’
  2. Read ‘What are you going to improve on’
  3. Complete your fitness tests and measurements and send me your scores
  4. Follow the 7 day core meal plan, print your shopping list (and go shopping) and read and start applying the 20 nutritional tips
  5. Complete your preparation workouts

After 7 days you are ready to move onto Week 2

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